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“I like jewellery that becomes a part of your identity because it’s easy to wear everyday.”
Sauling Wong, jewellery designer, founder of Essyello.
Essyello’s design philosophy is to create simple, timeless jewellery which can be worn everyday and adapted to the personal style of the wearer. Created in Amsterdam and now based in Barcelona, over the last 6 years, Essyello has evolved from using lost and found or vintage materials, to a focus on natural mineral stones and gold plating. All of the stones and minerals used for Essyello’s collections are hand picked, and metals are taken in small quantities to a local, family run gold plating atelier. Each piece is then handmade and finished in the designer’s workshop in El Borne, Barcelona.
This focus on quality and attention to detail, combined with a highly wearable aesthetic, has created a loyal following to the brand, which is stocked in concept stores in cities including Berlin, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.